Thursday, 22 April 2010

Francis Chan moves on - raising some fascinating questions


Francis Chan is stepping out in faith... from Catalyst on Vimeo.

Francis Chan has announced his decision to move on from Cornerstone Church, without being entirely sure as to where he's moving on to.

This kick-started a fascinating conversation over at expository thoughts about when (and how) elders are called to leave a church.

Are elders\pastors responsible for double standards here- we would not expect the Lord to speak to a church member about moving to another church simply because things are tough, it's 'time for a change' or they just don’t feel at home- unbiblical we might say. Yet we then move on citing those very reasons.

Maybe a (paid) pastor is different, as there's no space for stepping down for a while? Maybe our first ministry responsibility is to our family, and if they're struggling we can feel free to move on?

So what do you think, should we 'nail our feet to the floor' until we are kicked out, or die, or does the Lord really lead most of us on subjectively after a few years hard-graft?


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