Wednesday, 28 April 2010

(Just) a few good men...

Our youth Fellowship Group are looking at Complementarianism verses Egalitarianism (great summary paper here) a week today, prompting a bit of online study on my part. My Googling caused me to stumble across this website bemoaning the lack of men in today’s church and positing some solutions to the problem.

I certainly agree with the problem, there are too few men in today’s Church. There are too few men reaching non-Christian men with the gospel, too few men leading well in the home and in the church, too few –Christian- men marrying Christian women.

We should of course be profoundly thankful for godly and gifted women, but a lack of masculinity in the church is nonetheless a serious concern. And more feminized the church becomes, the more self-perpetuating the problem.

I agree with the sickness, but not the remedy:

In my Go for the Guys Sunday Action Plan, I advocate a one-point sermon, ten minutes in length, built around an object lesson.

Surely churches need more time in the Bible, not less?! Surely Scripture offers a corrective to any imbalanced church, including the overly feminized church? Here we find a Sovereign, almighty, fearsome God; calling people to repentance and faith in Christ, and summoning them to fight the good fight like good soldiers of Christ Jesus. Here we find a summons from the Lord to go into the world in his Name on a mission to see souls saved and God’s Kingdom come.

If we don’t know and love our Bibles, we won’t know and love our God- that is not the answer to any of our problems.

Speaking to men like they are women is a problem.

Speaking to men like they are children is not the solution.


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  1. Very interesting post their Ross! I really liked your ending it is very true. I also agree that we need more time in the bible also. People don’t want stuff dumb-ed down or 8 steps to happiness or anything else but rather they want and need the whole unadulterated truth that transforms lives. A great youtube clip about this is Paul Washers – 'Biblical manhood', he has another addressed to younger guys called ‘ get off facebook also’ well worth a look.

    Keep up the good work