Monday, 18 October 2010

Disagreeing in love

Multiple Sites: Yea or Nay? Dever, Driscoll, and MacDonald Vote from Ben Peays on Vimeo.


Well today I’m posting a video which at first glance has no real relevance to my own context. I don’t know of any multi-campus churches in the UK, certainly not in Scotland. It’s never been a topic for discussion or debate in my own circles.  

What this video, and some of the other recent Gospel Coalition videos do offer though, is a real, robust, discussion. A willingness to land a few punches, and take a few, that we might see who’s position can take the strain and stay standing. Another good example of this is Driscoll, Harris and Francis Chan discussing Chan’s decision to leave Cornerstone, which relates to my blog post here.

I’ve found this willingness to disagree and debate, in the context of Christian love and genuine mutual respect very refreshing. Modelling this kind of robust yet gracious discussion could prove to be a real blessing to the church. I’m not convinced that ministers are well enough equipped to deal with such discussions with their own deacons\elders. We may not end holding hands and singing Kumbaya but our relationships can be strengthened by such dialogues, if they are handled well.

For what its worth on the issue of multi-campus, I’m leaning towards Dever. I thought some of Driscoll’s points were pretty weak. I’m an introvert too, and without doubt far less able to process numerous thoughts at the same time than he is. Nevertheless even with me there is a dynamic at work between the congregation and myself as I preach. I can sense when I’m losing them, even if I often lack the capacity to get them back! More importantly when I’m preaching to them, I’m praying for them. I’m looking them in the eye, praying for them, and pleading with them as I preach to them.

I also worry that multi-campus may serve to lead people into thinking that real fellowship with real people isn’t essential. If a video-linked (big-name) preacher is just as good or better than an ordinary preacher, preaching within a fellowship he knows and loves and lives with, then why not just go the whole way- stay home and stream a great service to the comfort of my bedroom? 

Wouldn't that be a whole lot easier?

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  1. Hi Ross,

    I stumbled across this video a few days ago, (independent from your post) and have now stumbled across this. I think I agree with you about the multi-campus thing. I was a bit shocked when I first saw the video. I though MacDonald and Driscoll came across like immature school boys claiming to have a better pair of trainers than Dever!

    Even worse, their reasoning seemed to boil down to egotism. It is very telling that Driscoll does not fully empower the pastors of his campuses.

    But then, maybe all like it that way, at the end of the Day, like it or not, Driscoll is what is drawing people...