Friday, 3 December 2010

Glasgow: Why Christmas?



  1. My dad would say Christmas is abuout drinking, you gotta have a drink it's Christmas!:-) bless is cotton socks! My step mom always said Christmas is about children.
    Christmas being about families although miles away from the meaning of Christmas is still influenced by Christianity.
    I wonder how different the responses would be from people in the pew? Christmas was God's idea and His gift was his only beloved Son who came preaching and teaching, and to give his life as a randsom for many. Thanks for the vid Ross! Stephen

  2. Hi Stephen, 'I wonder how different the responses would be from people in the pew'- good question! I think the response from the lips would be different, but I'm not so sure the lives would tell a different story.

    Seems to me that we are largely just swept along by the world's sentimental\consumer-driven Christmas. I'm amazed that Christians often don't send 'Christian' Christmas cards or attend a short service on Christmas day. There are great opportunities to celebrate the incarnation- and to tell people about Jesus, but we have to be intentional about it.

    This is actually a video we did a few years ago, but I posted it because it's helpful for us all in the midst of Christmas chaos to stop and think 'what am I actually doing here, what are my priorities, what's driving me?..’

    Thanks for your post!