Friday, 28 January 2011

CS Lewis- cautions for 'Mere Christianity'

There's been a bit of a resurgence in appreciation for the work of CS Lewis of late, probably in no small part due to the cinematic success of The Chronicles of Narnia. I've benefited from his work personally and know that many of my heroes in the faith have too, John Piper in particular often cites Lewis.

All of that said, praise for Lewis is often heavily qualified within evangelicalism; cautions are issued alongside commendations. Kevin DeYoung does a great job of showing why here.


  1. Hi Ross,
    We should read Lewis with caution but we should read him, what a joy, what a gift with words. i remember once he featured on Christianity Today's cover and most articles celeberated Lewis. The editor said that Lewis was the patron saint of American Evangelicalism which I thought was ironic because 1)We don't have Patron saints, 2) He wasn't Evangelical and 3) He wasn't American. Like you I enjoy him, I had never read weight of glory until Piper sent me to it, more like Piper than Piper. On that note, I am currently enjoying For the Fame of God's name- Essays in honour of John Piper.
    God Bless

  2. Good stuff, thanks for this Stephen- not read the fame of God's name. Will need to put it on my list!