Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Liam Goligher moves to Tenth (and offers us a great resource in the process!)

My own journey to Airdrie Baptist was from a Presbyterian background. Dr Liam Goligher has since his time in Airdrie, moved in the opposite direction, recently accepting a call to Tenth Presbyterian.

So I'll admit it, I was a little disappointed that our church never got a mention in the search committee's 'recommendation booklet' but it is, nevertheless, a great resource. Well worth saving and filing away for the next time your church is looking for a new pastor. If you find yourself wondering what sort of questions to need to be asked by a search committee, and what kind of process followed, it's really helpful.

Also thought Dr Goligher's answers to questions such as 'What is your theology and philosophy of ministry?' and 'What do you believe is the greatest challenge people face in global cities today?' were very insightful.

Will be a little sad to lose another gifted and godly Scottish minister to the USA, but wish him every blessing in his ministry in Philadelphia.


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