Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rob Bell comes out?

Bruce Ware said of Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christianity that 'the wolf has taken his sheep's clothing off.' It seems Rob Bell may be about to follow suit if his soon to be published 'Love Wins' is in any way consistent with the publishers promotional video:

LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.

Justin Taylor responds here: Rob Bell: Universalist?

Kevin DeYoung here: To Hell with Hell (including 8 reasons why we need God's wrath)

Best quote: "We should be thankful for the clarity, but saddened by the content." ~ Kevin DeYoung. I agree. I'm not disappointed as such, for those of us who have been able to read through Bell's deliberate theological ambiguity, it has long been clear that he does not believe in hell. I'm pleased that -it seems likely- Bell is now going to be up-front about where he stands.  Now people have a fairly simple choice to make- accept Scripture or reject it. Hiding in abstruse ambiguity is no longer an option.


  1. An Open Letter to Justin Taylor Regarding His Condemnation of Rob Bell

  2. Thanks Carson; I get the argument, he's not read the book, neither have I. But you must admit the trailer would have to be pretty misleading if Bell argues for anything other than universalism in 'Love Wins'

    If Bell comes out and defends orthodoxy in the book I -for one- will apologise. But let's be honest, neither of us will be holding our breath for that eh?..

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  4. From the Love Wins promo vid either Rob Bell's book is heretical or his video is deceptive marketing. Either way he loses.

    For example in the vid he denies that Jesus saves us from God's wrath (when he says God saves us from God) even though Romans 5:9 clearly tells us He does. So I can't see how anyone can argue that it's unfair to speak out against the book.

  5. I'm with you John he seems to say enough to say that he doesn't believe in the good news of the Gospel. His view of what Jesus says is the good news is is somewhat distorted and might be a reflection on us the church. I read Velvet Elvis and I thought the wolf already had his sheepskin off. I do think that the emerging church has been a necessary corrective for some of us though. In reformed circles that I move in we do imply at times that it is all about doctrine. Bell and co say it is all about love. It is all about love, but it is love in truth which is why the New Calvinists have the best of both.

  6. I agree with some of the things Bell says here; "What we believe about heaven and hell reflects what we believe about God." Absolutely! And to respond to his question; 'what sort of God would allow millions to perish in hell'? A Holy God who hates sin!

    I'm reading through Leviticus just now, more than ever I am seeing the relevance of that book. Levitecus reveals the holiness of God and the sinfulness of sin. Bell should read it.

  7. Thanks for the typically insightful comments guys. I think I'll do a post on why I feel its right to name names (occasionally). Also, Why we should not shirk from the doctrine of hell. I can understand what motivates people to shy away from both these things, but believe it's important that we don't.

    I'd also like to make the point that there are robust theological reasons for standing up and speaking out, we're not all just blindly following John Piper!

  8. Almost wishing I hadn't dropped by your blog today Ross, this has wound me up no end! lol

    Anyway, you provoked me into joing the 'conversation' ;)

    I look forward to your next posts.