Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elephant Room - James Macdonald video

'What this video, and some of the other recent Gospel Coalition videos do offer though, is a real, robust, discussion. A willingness to land a few punches, and take a few, that we might see who’s position can take the strain and stay standing. Another good example of this is Driscoll, Harris and Francis Chan discussing Chan’s decision to leave Cornerstone which relates to my blog post here.

I’ve found this willingness to disagree and debate, in the context of Christian love and genuine mutual respect very refreshing. Modelling this kind of robust yet gracious discussion could prove to be a real blessing to the church. I’m not convinced that ministers are well enough equipped to deal with such discussions with their own deacons\elders. We may not end holding hands and singing Kumbaya but our relationships can be strengthened by such dialogues, if they are handled well.'

I blogged this some time ago, and still think that these guys- agreed on the gospel- but holding different convictions on other matters can model how to disagree and debate well. That's why I was encouraged to hear about this:


Elephant Room from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo.

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