Monday, 14 November 2011

Rev David Robertson update

Was very moved by a recent update from David Robertson's son on his dad's health:

'An update on Dad: There hasn't been much said in the past few days because things haven't been going well. His sedation was increased on Sunday and they've had him asleep since then. The damage to his lungs is still severe and today mum was told by the doctors that it's 50/50 weather he'll live or die. I write this with great anguish and a heavy heart but not without hope. There is still a hope that he'll make it through this, but there is a better hope he has and we have. A hope that does not waver and is 100% certain. That is the hope of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus has already removed Dad's biggest problem, it's not the deterioration of his lungs but something more deadly... his sin. Christ has saved him from that. Tomorrow I go down with Becky to Dundee, knowing that this may be the last time I see my Dad... till Christ returns and "everything sad is made untrue."' 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14.

David is the minister of St Peter's Free Church Dundee and Chairman of Solas Centre for Public Christianity. Please pray for him and his family at this time.


  1. Latest update:

    'An update on Dad: Things have been going a lot better since last week. I have to admit I think last Friday all of us thought that he was going to die. We were drained both emotionally, physically and to an extent spiritually. But now I'm glad to say there has been improvement. Dad has received a tracheotomy which means that ventilator tube is no longer in his mouth, so it's much more comfortable, ...also he has had his oxygen levels significantly reduced, and has come out of sedation. These are small steps,and he is in no way out of the woods in this. The doctors are constantly reminding us of that and telling us that his condition is still critical. Also it has been hard chatting to him recently. He is extremely confused and doesn't have a clue what's happening. Pray for his mental recovery as well as physical recovery. I don't want to get hopes up because these are small steps, but steps in the right direction none the less. We are all conscious as a family though that as we have been passing through this dark valley our great Shepherd has been with us. He is our ultimate hope, and the only one big enough to get us through this, whatever the outcome. We all have taken great comfort from Psalm 27 (Dad's favorite passage). Read it. There is a radical peace and comfort that can only come from the gospel of Jesus. " I believe I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD and be strong, let your heart take courage; Wait for the LORD."

  2. Encouraging news from David's daughter Keep praying!

    "have had a really positive few days, little steps of progress continually happening. He has been moved out of Intensive Care today to High Dependency Ward which is a step up. We have all really been moved by everyone's prayers, and would ask you to keep praying for his continued recovery. We are really praising God for the way he's looked after Dad and us"