Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The ‘God Particle’?

A Higgs Boson walks into a chapel and is stopped by a priest.
The priest says 'Hey, you're not welcome here. You call yourself the 'God' particle and that’s blasphemous.'
The Higgs Boson protests 'But without me, how could you have mass?'

The nickname of this (potentially) newly discovered particle is unfortunate. I believe it’s been called the ‘God- particle’ because -like God- it is present everywhere, and whilst it cannot be seen, its effects can. The problem is people seem to be assuming from the name that it in some way threatens theism. Not so. To put it in the most simple terms possible, if the universe was created by a big bang- where did the stuff to go bang come from? Even leaving aside questions of meaning, purpose, beauty, good and evil which science cannot answer, the Higgs Boson offers no threat to Christianity that I can see.

I don’t believe Christians have anything to fear from science, every new discovery (whilst provisional) ought to make us marvel all the more at the Creator of this unimaginably complex and beautiful universe.

The Good Book Blog echoes some of these thoughts here:


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