Monday, 16 January 2012

Driscoll on UK Preachers

Was just settling down to write a blog post on the (most) recent Mark Driscoll controversy when I read Adrian Warnock's reflection. He's basically said what I wanted to so here's the link. (Full audio of the controversial interview is linked to on this page too.)

Particularly pertinent is Warnock's second point:

'It is vital that we hear the main point that Driscoll is making, that British preachers should be more bold. It is never nice when people make generalizations, but Driscoll is right that we in the UK have too many apologetic preachers.  Driscoll is angry at times largely because he has been gripped by the cause of Christ. I sometimes think we would lose more than we would gain if Driscoll was to become more measured in what he says.'  

When receiving criticism the man giving it, and the manner in which it's given, should not stop us asking, 'is there anything valid in there I should accept and act upon?' I believe there is substance to Driscoll's critique and hope when the dust settles we'll all be happy to focus on that for the cause of the Kingdom.

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