Saturday, 1 March 2014

John Ross on MLJ, revival, and the Church in our time

"Dr Lloyd-Jones died on Sunday 1st March, 1981. I well remember announcing his passing to an emotional evening congregation. Two decades later came the end of the twentieth century; a century unique in the history of Britain as the only one since the Reformation without national revival...

...Perchance the Church is still too fond of attempting to find solutions to its own problems and has not yet come to an end of itself. As Britain slips inexorably towards its likely dénouement as a disunited group of atheistic republics, and as its national Churches stand in jeopardy of having their candlesticks removed, we dare not lose sight of Martyn Lloyd-Jones' confidence in God's intervention, in answer to prayer, as the true remedy for spiritual decline. If his message had currency in the 1960s and 70s, how much more relevant is it today."

Dr John Ross, 

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