Sunday, 7 February 2016

Octavious Winslow on the work of the Holy Spirit

Natural religion can never renew, sanctify, and save the soul… 

O no! Another and a diviner light must shine upon his soul; another and a more powerful hand must break the seals. That light, that hand, is God the Holy Ghost… 

O thou blessed and loving Spirit! This is thy work, and thine alone. Thine to empty, thine to fill. Thine to lay low, thine to exalt. Thine to wound, thine to heal. Thine to convince of sin, and thine to lead the soul, all sinful, guilty, and wretched as it is, to the precious blood of Jesus - “the fountain opened for sin and uncleanness.” Thou shalt have the praise, and wear the crown!

Octavious Winslow

The Inquirer Directed to the Work of the Holy Spirit (1856), 31,32

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